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Most consumers have little, if any, experience in the field of home repair and remodeling. Contracts know this and often try to capitalize on a consumer’s lack of knowledge by forcing you to sign unreasonable home repair and remodeling contracts and pay for services either incomplete or not rendered. Due to the seriousness of the prevalent fraud and misrepresentations routinely performed against homeowners, the Illinois Attorney General has required that construction companies and contractors provide consumers with the “Home Repair: Know Your Consumer Rights” brochure.

The number of contractors out there taking advantage of homeowners, like yourself, is staggering. For this reason, the Illinois Attorney General has advised that consumers use extreme caution when dealing with door-to-door salespersons, solicitations from contractors providing home repair and remodeling services, individuals who fail to provide customers with references when requested, among others. For this reason, having a reputable and experienced construction attorney by your side can mean the difference between enjoying a home renovation and losing a case at trial. The attorneys at Rifkind Patrick LLC have represented numerous consumers seeking home repair and remodeling services and understand how to protect and enforce your rights under the law.

Chicago Construction Litigation Services

Litigation is the bread and butter of the firm. Whether it is filing a lawsuit to enforce your rights or construction litigation defense from a contractor’s mechanics lien or breach of contract claim, our law will be by your side every step of the way. A mechanics lien, for example, is a powerful tool that contractors use to enforce what they claim to be debts owed. However, the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act is a powerful tool that must be strictly adhered to. There are hard filing deadlines, notices, and information that must be provided for a contractor to utilize that tool. Rifkind Patrick LLC attorneys understand the intricacies of the law to help protect you in a time of need. Additionally, many consumers are taken advantage of by contractors who fail to hold insurance, bonding, and the various state and local licenses required for various jobs. Consumers, like yourself, can become a victim of false misrepresentations and fraud at the hands of crooked and deceptive construction service providers. Let our law firm guide you through your time of need and help you enforce your rights under the law.

Chicago Construction Contract and Negotiation Services

Home repair and remodeling services are typically governed by a contract between the parties. That contract can severely limit a consumer’s potential recovery and rights. Hiring an experienced attorney can help protect your interests throughout the relationship. A home is one of the biggest investments a consumer will make. Making sure that things are done right are of the utmost importance. Our law firm provides negotiation and mediation services and has substantial experience arbitrating construction disputes. Contact us today.


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